Tori Blare

Tori Blare

Saturday, April 14, 2007



That death has no destruction is the prayer oft said
The City Council vandalised Kirkdale graves instead

For what doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffered the loss of his own soul?
What exchange shall a man give for his soul?

A Priest says prayers over vandalised graves

For two centuries mourners entrusted the Councillors with due care
Once in Liverpool there was a Civic Pride in how the dead were buried there.
Family Friends faithfully committed to the ground to the earth.
There stood proud headstones in words of wisdom and of dearth

Not now the City Councillors sign in for a fee and voted to destroy
These Councillors gave no thought they needed not the vote of the Hoi Poli.
Go and see their work, they smashed the ancient stone once new
They left a message, the reason. stuck on fallen stones for the dead to view.

“Died in Jan 1806 Gave his life for his country now dead
Died in Feb 1820 once in pain now at rest it said.”
The message left in Red cannot be seen the family has no blame
The Councillors gave the nod to the evil officers plan of no claim.

Today the sun shone to warm the cockles of your heart
Today the bright sky is fleeced in clouded art
Today the grass is cut the smell is all around us
Today we visited the grave of Ken and Doris and of Tom

The Kirkdale Cemetery with its wall of sandstone
For two centuries the burials lined the grass with headstone
To count the mourners through the years is a task in vain
Come to see the words set in stone in prayer in verse in pain

These fields of smashed and fallen stones vandalised by Councillors is our SHAME
These wicked violent acts the destruction of our stones is done they say in our name.
Our mother father grandmother and grandfathers’ all smashed to the ground
Men and women who starved for us who died for us now lay flat all around.

Of all the bad decisions voted by our Councillors this is the most heinous
The ranks of souls committed by the family are flattened by this evilness

It is not us we were ordered by the Councillors it is their evil acts that abound
To see the fields laid flat to stand and see the vandalism and not a care around

Is this our lot to just lie down? To give in to acts so bare, created by the City Solicitors.

The sun has gone down on those who gave their lives for us
And we do nothing
For they are dead and we create no fuss
Shame on us

Well not for us we wish to stand and be counted
We want the stones put back up you knocked them down,
When in all their lives they stood up.
The cost you Councillors say?

Tell us if it is more than the £200m wasted by Labour Councillor Marx Dowd. Socialist R.I.P.