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Friday, September 22, 2006


John McDonnell the Liverpool born M.P. set to take on Gordon Brown, for the next Leader of the Labour Party!!!

Does anyone know who this man is, comparerd to, Gordon Brown?

Will the backing of the mighty unions be enough?

See below for Daily Post article taken from icLiverpool

Liverpool a vital stop as MP plots path to No 10

Sep 22 2006

By Larry Neild, Daily Post

John McDonnell in Liverpool

LIVERPOOL docker's son John McDonnell arrived on Merseyside yesterday as part of a grass-roots campaign to become the next Prime Minister.

Hayes and Harlington MP Mr McDonnell, who was brought up in the Scotland Road area of Liverpool, is to stand against Gordon Brown in a leadership battle when Tony Blair quits at 10 Downing Street.

He has vowed to bring home British troops from Iraq if he beats the Chancellor in the race for the premiership.

Relatively unknown outside trade union and constituency circles, Mr McDonnell believes support from grass-roots party members as well as a vote from the major unions will boost his chances of success.

In Liverpool he met firefighters embroiled in a bitter dispute with the fire authority, as well as Ethiopian refugee campaigners and other trade unionists.

Last night he addressed dock workers and party members at the Dockers Club in Anfield.

Mr McDonnell said: "I am not New Labour, or Old Labour - I am Labour. Everything I support has been agreed by our party conferences.

"I believe Tony Blair will announce in three months that he is standing down, paving the way for a leadership election in the new year.

"I want to see Tony go with dignity, but sooner rather than later, but I also believe there needs to be a contest. In the Labour party, we do not do assassinations or coronations.

"I am standing because I believe that Gordon Brown was one of the architects of New Labour, so it will be much of the same if he takes over from Tony Blair.

"We are already seeing different factions within New Labour watching and waiting.

"I am travelling the country engaging with ordinary members and trade unionists to explain why I want to lead the party and to generate support. At the TUC last week there was a 'mock' poll of delegates and I won 59% of the vote.

"My own strong links with the union movement is important to me."

In the 1980s, Mr McDonnell worked with Tony Benn in his campaign to become deputy prime minister.

That started in the same way, as a grass-roots campaign eventually winning backing from a large contingent of MPs.

This time, Mr McDonnell will need the backing of 44 MPs before he can get his name on the ballot paper ahead of an electoral college.

Life and times of docker's son

* BORN in Liverpool in 1951 and lived in Lace Street, off Scotland Road. Son of a docker father and a mother who worked behind the counter at BHS. Family left for the south when he was aged seven.

* Went to Brunel University and Birkbeck College, London, and worked as a shopfloor production worker before becoming an official with the National Union of Mineworkers. Then worked full-time for the TUC.

* Elected to the Greater London Council in 1981, chaired the finance committee which controlled a £3bn budget. Was deputy leader to Ken Livingstone.

* First go at Parliament in Hayes, Middlesex, saw him lose in 1992 by just 54 votes. Five years later took the seat with a 13,000 majority, one of the biggest swings to Labour in the country.

* Has fought the expansion of Heathrow. Chairs the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs in the Commons and is a consistent campaigner against war in Iraq.

* Married with a 10-year-old son and two grown-up daughters from a previous marriage.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mersey marvel Callum Baccino who saved the lives of 10 people

The Ten year old boy who I reported about last week when he showed great heroics when he saved his whole family of 8 and his two friends who were staying the night at his home.

This brave boy Callum Baccino has been awarded Mersey Marvel by the Liverpool Echo.


Callum is our Mersey Marvel for saving 10 people from house fire

Sep 13 2006

By Mary Murtagh, Liverpool Echo

Mersey marvel Callum Baccino who saved the lives of 10 people

A SCHOOLBOY who saved 10 people from a house fire is our latest Mersey Marvel.

Callum Baccino, aged 10, led his parents, five siblings and two friends to safety after spotting a blaze engulfing the house next door.

The fire hero was singled out by firefighters for his brave and quick thinking.

Now the modest school boy has been named a Mersey Marvel in recognition of his life-saving actions.

Callum, a pupil at Thomas Gray primary school, Bootle, was hosting a summer holiday sleepover for two friends at his Bootle home when he woke up and smelt smoke at 6.45am on September 4.

He went to investigate and saw a fire raging through a neighbouring house on Newton Walk.

Callum raced upstairs to wake his mum Maxine and dad Phil then rounded up his siblings, Kieran, 13, Aimee, 11, Amelia, seven, Morgan, five and Cameron, three, as well as his two sleepover pals.

By the time the family escaped outside in their pyjamas, smoke was coming through the walls in Callum's room and the windows next door were breaking because of the extreme heat.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue presented Callum with a certificate in re-cognition of his quick thinking and now Callum has his Mersey Marvels certificate to go alongside it.

Callum's mum Maxine said: "We are really proud of Callum. What he did was brilliant."

The family have since had new smoke alarms fitted in their home by the fire service as the ones they had did not have batteries installed.

The fire was started deliberately in the empty house next door after vandals broke in.

The ECHO gives £250 to each of our special Mersey Marvels, with a further £500 for the overall winner voted for by ECHO readers.

Each of the Marvels will be invited to a special lunch in Liverpool later this year when the overall winner will be announced.

ECHO Editor Alastair Machray said: "Callum is only 10-years-old but he showed the quick thinking of someone much older when he spotted the fire.

"If Callum had not acted when he did the ECHO could have been reporting a fatal fire that day."



Details of Liverpool City Council leaders corruption, and other stories.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Time Is Fast Approaching, Liverpool Evil Cabal Update 1

Showing the Liverpool Evil Cabal and the crustations that have benefitted from these LEECHES, that the Working Classes and DECENT human beings of Liverpool, the people who PAY their council tax and keep their noses clean of the law, ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When that, "glourious day" comes?

I suggest a local festival of the streets, to be celebrated every year?

Comments as to acts that could perform at this hounourable celebration of

"Defeating the Evil Cabal",

to be emailed to me in first instance.

Australian Women need not apply.

This is covered under the You Have Stolen Enough From Liverpool Council Tax Payers Bill 2006

This is an excerpt from the brilliant Liverpool Times Web page.

See below for copy of text from Liverpool Times or follow link

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Readers in Liverpool will recall the recent commotion over a website or blog titled Evil Liverpool Cabal.
The lessons learnt by the banning of The Kirkby Times website would doubtless have come in handy as Liverpool City councillors and their mates cried ‘foul play’ and put the pressure on the Evil Liverpool Cabal.
Banning what people have to say is pretty much par for the course with British politicians today. This tactic of putting the boot into the ordinary man and woman for speaking out is the mark of a Fascist dictatorship.

The allegations on the Liverpool Evil Cabal website, just to refresh the collective memory of Scouseland are as follows….

The chief executive of Liverpool Direct Limited, Dr David McElhinney and members of his family’s all-expenses-paid trip to Bahrain

The alleged use of council resources by Paul King in his role as CEO of the Amateur Boxing Association

Allegations that the city council footed the bill for sending an England ABA team to Puerto Rico

Sir David Henshaw using confidential emails to blackmail the city council into a £250,000 retirement deal Henshaw using confidential emails to mount an attempted coup d’etat to try and get rid of the then elected Leader of the Council

Henshaw using confidential emails to threaten Mike Storey’s job as a headteacher

Henshaw being allowed to earn extra income during his six months notice period

The pay-off for Robyn Archer

A number of issues surrounding The 08 Place – the procurement of its only tenant, CMP Entertainment;
the project’s £500,000 cost overrun;
Dr McElhinney’s misleading account to the Select Committee that contractors were off site;
which officers gave authority for work continuing without proper council authorisation;
repeated breaches of Standing Orders,
council rules and financial regulations by
Louise Gray continuing to pay invoices without authority and acting against the advice of the council’s legal team.
The free 10-year car parking pass, worth £16,500 given to Chas Cole, boss of CMP by McElhinney, the Project Director
The eight-month rent free period, worth £28,933 given to Mr Cole by McElhinney.
The relationship and social contact between a private contractor, Mr Cole and McElhinney,
revealed in documents already presented to the chief executive of the council, Mr Colin Hilton.

The relationship and social contact between Mr Cole and Mr Halsall, revealed in documents already presented to Mr Hilton.

Sir David Henshaw’s response to Councillor Bradley’s questions last year regarding The 08 Place.
Why, and how, was a draft reply from 20/20 changed by Sir David to delete any reference to free car parking or the free rental period for Mr Cole/CMP?
This looks suspiciously like an attempt to mislead councillors and withhold relevant information as part of a cover up.

The failure of the council to put the Summer Pops out to competitive tender for six years, contrary to all council rules and procedures (please see “We won’t get fooled again”…Mr Halsall blog for specific questions)

The failure of the council to issue an OJEC notice for the Summer Pops

The relationship between Mr Halsall and members of his family and Mr Cole

The council’s failure to properly consider Cream’s alternative bid to stage the Summer Pops

The new chief executive, Mr Hilton misleading councillors on the Leisure and Tourism Select Committee about the date and timing of the Cream proposal and its receipt by the council

The cost of computer equipment purchased by Liverpool city council from Liverpool Direct, and the council’s evidence that this arrangement represented best value for council taxpayers

The shareholdings in BT of senior council officers who were involved in the transfer of council services to the city council/BT joint venture, Liverpool Direct Limited
The role and propriety of the interim chief executive of Capital of Culture, Jason Harborrow acting as a lobbyist for a private contractor tendering to stage the Summer Pops in 2007/8 contrary to council Standing Orders.

The hosting of the ABA website by the city council (see specific questions in “What’s my name?…” blog)

The use of council property and resources for other external work by an outside contractor, enterprise-liverpool

The appointment by Henshaw and McElhinney of Senn Delaney to a £1million-plus training programme ‘The Liverpool Way’, without the work being subject to tender or OJEC notice.

The appointment of Sarah Parr. This was very suspicious activity.

The position of Mr Halsall whose son Liam’s band, ‘Abe’ was booked by Mr Cole to appear at the Summer Pops. This is even more suspicious activity.

Whilst some of the powers that be might fake a bit of good old fashioned swooning at the list, the reality is that such allegations are appearing the length and breadth of this nation and talk of bent councillors cutting crooked deals is going on in many of the labour heartlands. We all know new labour is just as bad, if not actually worse than the old Tories. They have certainly started more wars than Thatcher, and gone up a few gears in the class war against the workers and communities.

The political loyalty of whistle blowers is not really an issue and the rewards of whistle-blowing, as a few people in the UK have discovered, can lead from anything to suspected assassination (Dr David Kelly) to the day and day out harassment of people whose loyalty to the ideas of fair play lands them in trouble.

We wish all at The Evil Liverpool Cabal well – feel free to comment here on matters concerning Liverpool

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Firefighters dispute hottens up with new allegations from New Zealand

NZ letter fuels the flames of fire dispute

Sep 11 2006

By Jessica Shaughnessy Daily Post Staff

Merseyside Fire Brigade chief Tony McGuirk

A LETTER from New Zealand claiming Merseyside chief fire officer Tony McGuirk plans to undermine the union has added further fuel to the dispute.

The fire service hotly denies the allegation that Mr McGuirk is engaged in a battle with the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) for "the hearts and minds" of Merseyside's firefighters.

In a letter to union solicitors, the national secretary of the New Zealand Firefighters Union, Derek Best, describes a meeting with Mr McGuirk around a year ago.

* Mr McGuirk revealed the fire service was paying legal fees for a number of firefighters who are taking the union to a tribunal after being expelled.

* That he had spoken of "enticing" firefighters away from the FBU with a "smirk on his face".

* The chief fire officer said the FBU was "living in the past", "out of touch with its membership" and had a "cloth cap mentality".

Mr Best wrote: "Mr McGuirk made it clear he was engaged in a battle with the FBU for the hearts and minds of Merseyside firefighters."

Mr Best claims that Mr McGuirk spoke about a number of firefighters who are taking legal action against the union.

They were expelled from the FBU after agreeing to become part of the service's new co-responding team.

Mr Best continued: "Mr McGuirk said he had already enticed a number of firefighters away from the FBU by getting those firefighters to become new elite teams.

"Mr McGuirk said although firefighters undertaking such work was against FBU policy, he was not concerned about this and he would be supporting those firefighters totally.

"Mr McGuirk further stated that this assistance went to the extent of funding those persons' legal costs."

He added: "Mr McGuirk further indicated this was simply part of his overplan to marginalise the FBU and to attack and undermine the authority of the FBU and its local officials."

Les Skarratts, secretary of the Merseyside FBU branch, said: "This is unbelievable. It shows what we have said all along, that the chief is trying to marginalise the union."

But the chairman of the authority, Cllr Tony Newman said the allegations were "inaccurate".

In a letter to the FBU, Cllr Newman said: "I do not believe the chief fire officer would ever refer to colleagues having a 'cloth cap mentality' in the manner described by Mr Best."

On the issue of the firefighters' legal action against the FBU, Cllr Newman added: "I can confirm that this action is private action, and therefore your allegations of support for these expelled members, extending beyond the professional and personal support by the chief fire officer, and the unanimous political support of the Authority, are therefore unfounded.

"Turning now to your suggestion that the chief fire officer has embarked upon what you term a confrontational strategy, I disagree.

"CFO McGuirk is now the fifth chief fire officer in Merseyside against whom this allegation has been made, with each successive chief fire officer being apparently even more committed to confrontation than his predecessor."

A spokesman for the fire service last night said the allegations were trouble-causing and a diversionary tactic by the union.


Thursday, September 07, 2006


At a time when young people are portrayed in the media as hooligans and drunken yobs, when we open up the papers and read about children shooting each other over drug wars!

It is understandable that we forget that not ALL kids are bad.

This news of a Liverpool youngster, who saved his whole family from what could have been a fatal house fire.
Not only did he save his whole family of 8 he also got his 2 friends out of the house, who were staying the night at the time of the fire.

The little boy is only TEN years only.

click here for full story courtesy of icLiverpool

Tuesday, September 05, 2006



Conquerors: The equivalent of the playground bully, this boss is obsessed with power. They'll put you on permanent tea-making duty and pour the stuff into the plant pot in front of your eyes.
Performers: This boss feels threatened very easily and will attack anyone who seems to be competitive. Don't have a bright idea in front of this one.
Manipulators: Wants to appear to be top dog at all costs. If a pet project of theirs is going awry expect them to palm it off on you and dress it up as an 'opportunity'.
Dehumanisers: People are just numbers to these robots. They'll see you as a company asset and boy will they try and sweat you. Don't expect tea and sympathy if you have a problem on the home front: just make sure you turn up on time.
Blamers: This sort is righteous about wrongness and loves to dish out the blame. When they reprimand you, they'll remind you that you deserved what happened to you.
Rationalisers: Their mantra is 'the company comes first'. They justify their criticisms with the belief that it needed to be said.

It's fun to compare notes on where your boss fits into the spectrum of badness. But research compiled by the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology suggests that somewhere between one third and one half of all stress related illness is directly attributable to bullying at the workplace.

Beat the bad boss
If you've got a seriously bad boss, take heart because there are actions you can take to reduce their power. One is a technique taken from the acting world and can increase your status, or confidence, and reduce the probability of your being treated like a doormat.

Status games
Imagine your status or behaviour on a scale of one to ten where ten is a dictator and one is a mouse. Individuals display different 'strengths' of behaviour and confidence according to whom they are talking. If you're very intimidated and your boss is a despot, you may be a one or a two and they'll be a towering ten.

If you narrow the gap between your statuses a few notches you'll reduce the likelihood of being treated badly, advises Robin Chandler, founder of coaching company, the Impact Factory. You can have fun with this and try it out on your mates in the pub before you unleash yourself in the world of work.

Take your space
The idea is not to take on a bully or to match them in status, otherwise there will be a fight, warns Chandler. Physically walking taller, speaking louder and making eye contact will make a huge difference to your presence.

So take your space and your boss may just have to shift over a little bit.

By Helen Beckett


Its amazing just what you can find in a tip!

Report today by the LIVERPOOL ECHO states that confidential records passports, birth certificates and a pilots uniform were all discovered thrown away in a merseyside tip.

I have been informed that remnants of Shergar were found and Tony Parish from the Liverpool Evil Cabal blog has been living here.

Shergar stated " I have been living here for years in peace, no running and jumping for me anymore, then this bloke turns up and starts telling me this wild story of corruption and dishonesty in Liverpool City Council.
I thought he was a crank, maybe he left all this stuff? or maybe the evil cabal did?
I wouldn't mind but his feet stink!"

Tony Parrish was not available for comment as he was sifting through the tip to see if there was any more information he could use before the tip is emptied.

For full report click on Liverpool Echo



Taken from icLiverpool
Firefighter anger at picket dossier

Sep 5 2006 By Homa Khaleeli, Liverpool Echo
STRIKING firefighters claimed today that bosses were keeping dossiers on them.
The Fire Brigades Union said photocopies of identity cards have been stuck on the walls of stations and forms are being filled in monitoring the movement of pickets. Crews found their cards and the forms in the stations when they returned to work for two hours yesterday before the second four-day strike began. Now the FBU is seeking legal advice over what they see as bullying tactics.
A spokesman said: "The strike breakers forgot to clean up after themselves and our members found forms with headings like what people were wearing, how many there were in more than one station.

"I am shocked by this. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth."
But a fire service spokesman insisted that it was important to monitor pickets. He said: "We have to make sure there are not too many. We also monitor behaviour. "On one occasion, it was necessary to call the police after strikers in Croxteth got too boisterous." Chief fire officer Tony McGuirk also defended an email which warned striking firefighters they were not demonstrating the right personal qualities to advance their careers.
He said: "My email set the context of the qualities and character we will be looking for in leaders for the future. "It does not prejudice any individual who takes part in industrial action." Talks between fireservice bosses and staff failed to find a resolution yesterday but they resumed at 10o'clock this morning. However, a breakthrough was described as unlikely by FBU members who said the fireservice was again asking for preconditions. Ex-firefighters have been drafted in to provide cover for the 1,000 striking staff. This morning crews in the city centre attended a serious car fire in Tithebarn Street. Twelve people from nearby flats had to be evacuated at 2am. Stand-in crews in Birkenhead also rescued a cat from a pub roof this morning.


Monday, September 04, 2006

The Liverpool Times - Rat of the year nominations

nominations required for rat of the year,

The "Liverpool Times" has nominated Sir David Henshaw

Check out link here



Threats 'made by fire strikers'

Sep 4 2006

By Ian Hernon, Liverpool Echo

FIREFIGHTERS who agreed to work through the Merseyside strike today claimed their families were being threatened. Abusive phone calls and dangerous vandalism have been reported by staff who agreed to work during the industrial action, which started on Friday. They told bosses firefighting equipment was tampered with while stand-in crews were attending callouts. Today fire officials claimed insults and threats were coming from some striking members of staff, who were phoning the working crews' private numbers to intimidate them. They warned the handful of individuals they believed were responsible, saying there would be no amnesty for their actions after the strikes ended, and they would use any disciplinary methods at their disposal. A spokesman said: "While the majority of striking firefighters have behaved properly, a minority have been involved in childish, disruptive, and sometimes dangerous actions. "We think a gauge on one of the engines from the city centre was tampered with, showing it had a full tank of petrol when it did not. "We will raise the issue with the Fire Brigades Union today and report the more serious incidents to the police." Former firefighters have been brought out of administration jobs and retrained to operate fire engines after 1,000 staff walked out on Thursday morning in a dispute over job cuts and changed working patterns. The striking firefighters were returning to work for two hours today, before starting a second four-day strike. Talks to end the strike were continuing todayafter a productive meeting on Saturday between union leader Les Skarratts and deputy fire chief Bill Evans. Mr Skarratts said: "At this stage, we are satisfied that the talks are genuine and not simply a public relations move on behalf of the fire authority. "We feel there has been some movement on the issues we have raised." The industrial action is planned to end at noon on Friday. All but four fire stations remained open. No-one from the union was available to comment on the allegations of phone threats and vandalism.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

From Liverpool Labour website


Liverpool people have reacted with confusion as ex Lib Dem leader of the City Council, Cllr Storey, voices concerns about Capital of Culture. Whilst many agree with what he is saying - Liverpool people do not know what is going on and do not feel a part of Capital of Culture - residents are shocked that he did not voice these concerns when leader.

Cllr Storey has said. " I don't think we have thought through what our legacy will be from this [Capital of Culture]." He went on to state, "I am not sure it's by the people for the people"

The Labour Party has long been stating this calling for more openness about Capital of Culture and asking for more support to be given to projects that reflect Liverpool people and their own unique, wonderful culture.

One voter told the Liverpool Labour Party website, "Cllr Storey is a bit late to be asking these questions. Others have been questioning the process for a long while. Why didn't Cllr Storey raise these concerns when he was leader of the Council and could do a lot more about it? There's a whiff of opportunism here and you've got to ask whether he is trying to make it difficult for the new Council leader." f